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Solar Panels

In Malaysia, the question is, why not solar? With utility costs on the rise, our 365-days of sunshine, using a solar system provides security from rising costs as well as an opportunity to sell the energy back to the Malaysian energy grid through the Governments Feed-in-Tarriff (FiT) program. Here are some reasons why we recommend going solar.

Financial Incentives
The Government introduced in 2012 a new (FiT) that is controlled by the governing body SEDA (www.seda.gov.my). This initiative allows you to earn 6-10% annual returns on your investment once the solar panels are installed. SolarNRJ through our strong connection with SEDA will help to get your system approved, installed and connected to the power companies to enable you to achieve this return.

Adding Value to Your Home or Building
Sooner or later you may want to sell what you own. If your home or office building is solar equipped you’ll probably be able to sell faster and at a higher price. One study by ICF Consulting explains that saving MR1 a year on energy costs adds MR20 to your home’s value. So if you saved MR1,000, you’d increase your home value by MR20,000. And the it has been proven that a home with solar will sell twice as fast as a home without solar.

Low Maintenance
Solar panels are the easiest power solution available for maintenance as there is no moving parts and all parts installed are the extreme weather resistant. To maintain the power though the panels do need to be wiped down periodically, and again SolarNRJ can provide this service as well if you are nervous about going on the roof.

Energy Cost Stabilization
It doesn’t take a Nobel Prize winning economist to predict that energy costs for building owners and homeowners are going to keep rising. When you add solar to your mix, you’re able to control your own energy costs and provide some predictability for future financial planning.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
While you’re making money, you’re doing a good thing for the environment. Your kids and their kids and their kids will appreciate what you’ve done.

Solar Panel Market
Solar panel systems have never been so cheap so now is the time to be installing your system to maximise your return on investment.

Marketing/Bragging Rights
We know this isn’t why you’ll go solar, but it’s certainly a good bi-product. Investing in solar will enhance your image as an environmentally conscious building owner. This could be a key marketing tool that can pay nice dividends for you with new and existing clients.

It’s Not Very Difficult - Let us do a Free Evaluation
If your building or home is a strong candidate for solar SolarNRJ can do everything. And as you’ll read (if you haven’t already skipped to that section), the process of turning the sun into energy isn’t really all that complicated. Just fill in the information here for a free site visit with quotation to understand what you could earn.

Your Personal Energy Independence
Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a far smaller utility bill? Or no bill at all? You have better things to do with your hard earned money than give it to the power company.

You’ll Sleep Better
We’re not saying this can be proven scientifically. But saving on electricity, helping the environment, improving your corporate image and saving the world for future generations? That has to help you sleep better! Good job.

Solar Panels