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Solar Panels

Who Benefits? You do!
Currently SEDA is running the FiT for 4 types of renewable technologies, Biogas, Biomass, Small Hydro, and Solar, but only Solar FiT can be applied for by an individual with property/buildings upto 12kWs. This means your house or building could be used to sell power back to the power companies.

How does it work?
Quite simply, there is a 10 step process for getting your solar system up and running and we can help you with all 10 steps.

Carry out Compliance
Design and Paperwork
Application for FiT
Agreement Signing with SEDA and Power Distribution Licensee
Secure Financing and Fulfillment of all conditions
Install and complete the PV System
FiT Meter Installation
Carry out Acceptance Test
FiT Commencement Date
Monthly Meter Readings

What to Expect
People have some expectations and ideas in heads that may need to be corrected. For example if you install 4kWs of solar panels it does not mean you will get 4kWs of solar power per hour from the system for the time the sun rises to when the sun sets. As a standard for Malaysia we would say that there is on average, 3.5 hours worth of sunlight a day. Things that could affect this performance:

Different locations around Malaysia have different levels of sun, for example Penang, Langkawi and KK are reported to have the most amount of sun on average in Malaysia, but only just!

Roof Structure
Modern roofs are more likely to use an aluminum structure that are fine for dealing with heavy rains, but may not support the additional weight of solar panels. The solar panels add roughly 10kgs per square meter to your roof so it is important that we check to make sure your roof can easily take the weight

- Heavy Cloud Cover: you will see the power levels drop as the sun is not able to get to the panels so well
- Heavy Rains: Happens a lot in Malaysia so most structures are strong enough to deal with this. Solar panel frames are designed to not create any additional leaks and while we are up there we might be able to fix a few that already exist, just ask us
- Heavy Wind: Not a major concern in Malaysia but records do show that winds have reached upto 19m/s in the last 50 years so we have to take this into consideration when installing the system

The tilt needs to be maximized for the angle the sun travelling across the sky. The more direct the sunlight the higher the performance.

If there is buildings or tall trees around your site that causes your roof to be shaded from the sun for part of the day you are going to see a reduction in the power produced during those times.

Other aspects you should understand:
The solar panels will continue to produce power for 25 years and more. They will decline very slowly in efficiency over this period, so you will have about 80% of your original power production after these 25 years.

Individuals with enough room (~76m2) on their roof is able to put upto 12kWs, it should be as south facing as possible and with as little obstructions. If you can't fit 12kWs we will work with you to design the system to maximize the roof space you do have available so that you can maximise your earnings.

The contract with the Power Distribution Licensee is for 21years from the year that you install the system. So if we install the system for you in 2013, you will get the rate of 1.37MR per kWh for 21 years.

The FiT will drop every year by a fixed rate of 8% as that is what is expected the costs of materials will drop each year. Solar Panels have dropped by almost 4x in the last 2-3 years, it is very unlikely that they will drop much further. We would highly recommend that you install immediately to maximize your revenues now.

Installation options
There are three ways of looking at an installation - and their corresponding options:

Ground mounted in the garden
- FiT term: Basic installation
- FiT No. association: a(i) or a(ii)
- Frame: Wood or Steel

On the roof
- FiT term: Basic installation + installation in or on building structures
- FiT No. association: a(i) or a(ii) + b(i)
- Frame: Aluminum or Steel
- Roof Type: Tiled, Corrugated, Concrete

As a Car port roof
- FiT term: Basic installation + installation in or on building structures + use as building materials
- FiT No. association: a(i) or a(ii) + b(i) + b(ii)
- Frame: Wood, Aluminum or Steel

Solar Panels
Return on Investment
Though the Sun is up for 12-16hrs everyday, solar panels work with direct sunlight, so in the mornings and evenings the sun is not so effective. Therefore it is measured that Malaysia receives 3.5hrs@1kW/m2 on average per day

Based on 12kWp solar array installed you receive: 12kWp x 3.5h = 42kWh per day
Most systems are installed on the roof for these the FiT rate @ 12kWp is 1.3432MR/kWh
in 2013 (1.22MR/kWh in 2014) so earnings per day: 42kWh x RM 1.3432 = ~RM52 per day

Revenue / month (average 30 days) = ~RM1,560 per month

Market rate for a solar panel array installation is ~RM10,000/1 kW
Based on 12 kW system total project cost: RM10,000 x 12kWp = RM 120,000

Annual revenue: RM52 x 365days = ~RM18,980 (you will receive for 21 years)

Therefore ROI: RM120,000 / RM18,980 = 6.3years @ 15.8% per year
After the system is paid off, you are receiving pure profit for: 21years - 6.3 years = 14.7years

This is one of the most secure and simplest investments you will have every make and perfect as a retirement plan.