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Solar Panels

Remote power
Remote power is defined as a system that is not connected to a utility or grid system and therefore has to generate power onsite. The general choice for remote power is diesel generators with battery as a back-up solution.

HYBRID POWER SYSTEMS (Intelligent Power Management for BTS Sites)
SolarNRJ’s Hybrid Power Solution (HPS) is a flexible, cost effective power control system that minimises the number of cabinets required on site, simplies maintenance complexity and interconnects with a wide range of equipment in a mixed vendor network.

SolarNRJ’s HPS is made up of a common platform of power control modules that support a variety of base station power loads and control a comprehensive selection of power sources including generators, solar panels or wind energy.


Flexible and Expandable

Whether AC or DC power requirements SolarNRJ HPS can be easily configured to support different equipment and configurations, from 100% renewable energy solutions, through to support for smaller or larger load sizes, to 100% grid-powered monitoring-only solutions. So customized to fit the power requirements of the client.

This all helps reduce the need for refueling of ICE’s plus the maintenance costs due to the simplicity of the infrastructure. Quick installation enables us to get the system up and running within two months. Remote/local system configuration and status monitoring for historical and operational data enables us to improve the system as time goes therefore maximising the effectiveness of the system for each site.