intelligent power management for bts sites.

fuel cells

SolarNRJ’s Reformation Power Solution (RePS) uses the very affordable and efficient reformation process using highly energy dense Methanol fuel onsite to create the power needed. The RePS combines Solar Panels with a Reformer, Hydrogen Storage, and Fuel Cells with the HPS, to efficiently monitor and control all aspects of the system.

This means that the system dramatically reduces the need for refueling and has very low maintenance requirements making it perfect for remote sites where refueling is very expensive or troublesome.


SOLAR PAnels, Fuel Cells & Reformers
Fuel cell systems have revolutionized the application of reliable backup power for critical equipment. This technology provides several advantages over traditional backup power methodologies - batteries and internal combustion generators - as the sole power solutions. Like batteries, fuel cells provide current directly to the DC bus, but have a significantly increased service life and decreased maintenance costs, as well as a smaller footprint for longer runtimes. Installation is accomplished with ease.

Additionally, fuel cell runtime, as with a generator, is a function of fuel storage, but with few moving parts and lower maintenance. Using a Reformer for Hydrogen Production provides an efficient, quiet, and cost effective solution with a significantly lower pollution output compared to diesel generators. It also reduces the need for number of times for refueling and maintenance which is significant for remote locations.


N+1 or 1+1 redundancy is designed into the system Modular fault-tolerant design enables advanced management of fuel cell membranes

Modular system design means easy hot-swoppable maintenance in seconds, without tools, and while continuing to provide power to the customer load. With a fault-tolerant design, we can ensure continued power to customer equipment, using larger power modules building blocks. Multiple bus and multiple voltage scenarios are easy to accomodate.

- The systems allow us to configure the power to suit the load from 1kW to 20kWs.
- Scable Hydrogen storage provides for up to hundreds of hours of runtime.

Monitoring and Control
Remote / local system configuration and status monitoring for historical and operational data

Low Maintenance
- Annual air filter inspection
- Refueling not needed as fuel generated onsite Mean time to repair - minutes
- Advanced diagnostics and self-testing

Environmentally friendly
- Hydrogen in, power and warm water out No emissions
- Low noise signatures under 60 dBA @ 5 feet

- Operating temperature range from -40°C to 50°C Field-proven ability to perform during hurricanes, tusanmis and other harsh weather
- Diverse geographic locations