fuel cells

intelligent power management for bts sites.

fuel cells

Solar Panels, Fuel Cells & Electrolyzers
Fuel cell systems have revolutionized the application of reliable backup power for critical equipment. This technology provides several advantages over traditional backup power methodologies - batteries and internal combustion generators - as the sole power solutions. Like batteries, fuel cells provide current directly to the DC bus, but have a significantly increased service life and decreased maintenance costs, as well as a smaller footprint for longer runtimes. Installation is accomplished with ease.

Additionally, fuel cell runtime, as with a generator, is a function of fuel storage, but with few moving parts and lower maintenance. Using an Electrolyzer allows for a complete clean and regenative renewable energy solution so there is no need for refueling physically this allowest for the lowest cost and maintenance option. Whether off-grid or on, the fuel cells work well in hybrid solutions with solar power for a complete clean energy solution


N+1 or 1+1 redundancy is designed into the system Modular fault-tolerant design enables advanced management of fuel cell membranes

Modular system design means easy hot-swoppable maintenance in seconds, without tools, and while continuing to provide power to the customer load. With a fault-tolerant design, we can ensure continued power to customer equipment, using larger power modules building blocks. Multiple bus and multiple voltage scenarios are easy to accomodate.

- The systems allow us to configure the power to suit the load from 1kW to 20kWs. - Scable Hydrogen storage provides for up to hundreds of hours of runtime.

Monitoring and Control
Remote / local system configuration and status monitoring for historical and operational data

Low Maintenance
- Annual air filter inspection
- Refueling not needed as fuel generated onsite
- Mean time to repair - minutes
- Advanced diagnostics and self-testing

Environmentally friendly
- Hydrogen in, power and warm water out
- No emissions
- Low noise signatures under 60 dBA @ 5 feet

- Operating temperature range from -40°C to 50°C
- Field-proven ability to perform during hurricanes, tusanmis and other harsh weather
- Diverse geographic locations