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Solar Panels


In the last two years, the prices for solar photovoltaic panels have plunged as a result of greater efficiencies in manufacturing and in the technology itself. Increasing competition among a growing number of suppliers has also helped these reduce costs. The forces are expected to drive prices further down in coming years, making solar PV installations a brighter investment prospect for commercial buildings.

Solar power applications are transitioning from the world of pretty showcases into actual, practical, functional uses on buildings.

So, why consider solar now? Here are six reasons why:

Prices have dropped enough to be financially advantageous.
Your business can lock in lower electricity costs for the long term.
Your business can then have more predictable electricity costs.
Good financing packages available so little upfront capital needed.
Many utilities need to hit RPS (renewable portfolio standard) goals.
Doing so can help your company achieve sustainability goals and provide strong marketing opportunities.

Whether you are a Hospital needing critical Backup or a Car Park Owner looking for ways to power security cameras and toll machines, in downtown or in the countryside. As long as you have open space, free from shade we have the solutions for you.