Prepared by ElohimSeeker for Mark.
This is the Changelog of this website.

10 Apr update:
-Included linked-in in the navigation bar of every page.
-Fixed a redirection bug that was forced on mobile users.
-Updated the content of the homepage.
-Removed shortcuts in the homepage.

11 Apr update:
Updated the video to 19sec version.
Updated the menu bar to include the new pages.
Updated about-us pictures.
Updated about-us content.

12 Apr update:
Created and uploaded Remote Power page.
Created and uploaded Fuel Cells page.
Created and uploaded Reformation page.
Updated the red color to be closer to the original design.

13 Apr update:
Implemented the map (need your exact coordination, don't use google maps. Use a gps).
Implemented the form (clicking on submit does nothing at the moment, requires a bit of backend coding. Will be done by tomorrow night).
Finished Contact Us webpage.
Created and uploaded self-consumption.
Created and uploaded net-metering.
Created and uploaded Types of Solar.
Reviewed the previous pages.
Removed "Reason # n" from why solar page.
All pages are now up and running.

Answers for Mark:
for the map views: Free until exceeding 25,000 map loads per 24 hours for 90 consecutive days
fixed the message-box in "contact us". It's no longer scrollable.
the search engine is going to be google. I leave a free version of it in the "home-page" search section for demonstration.
By the post box I meant the section you wanted at the bottom of "about us". The one that is supposed to be updated with the news of the company. Will do it together with the login part.
Updated the map, it is still quite off the mark, will be waiting for more accurate location.
By the title bar, I mean the one that includes the name of the page. At the very top of the page, where the close botton of the tab is located in your browser. currently it is a minified version of your logo, which in my humble opinion is not good enough .
For the youtube address I did a bit of searching but came up with nothing. will be waiting for your update.
The mobile version of the menu will be pulled to the right from now on.
Ariel font-family for everything except headings and menu links.

New changes:
Social icons now are accompanied with a text in mobile view.
Search and Login now have labels in mobile view.
Optimized font-size in small screens. is now a link that redirects users to their email providers for easier access.
Optimizes Go to Top button for smaller screens. It no longer goes out of the screen and always stays away from the right edge of the screen on every size.
Your website is now fully responsive. Meaning it has a unique look on every device. You can check it by clicking on the link below:
Responsiveness of